How it works...

We. tried to match the process to what you currently do.
A simple process to follow with the teacher only needing access to a scanning photocopier and a printer.

TeacherEA process
Teacher At Computer

Step 1. Create an assessment

TeacherEA produces maths assessments based on topic, difficulty and number of questions. Our extensive question bank follows the various Australian Mathematics curriculums.

Students taking an assessment

Step 2. Students write the assessment

To ensure minimal disruptions to your current process the assessments are created ready for printing. Simply print and give to your class to complete.

Scanning a document

Step 3. Scan and upload

Once you have collected the assessments, simply scan as a PDF and upload to TeacherEA. It should only take a few minutes to mark your papers.

Charts and graphs

Step 4. Review the assessement.

You have the ability to review the outcome to ensure you are happy with TeacherEA's results.  Now you can also review the analytics to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment.

Reduce stress

Reduce the workload for your maths teachers. Give your teachers the chance to focus on what is important.... their students.